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September 11, 2012


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Oh, my story...

Tue Sep 11, 2012, 4:07 AM

Here, a few facts for you !

:iconsinistereternity: <( Hi everyone !
So like, as you could see I was able to come back and be a bit more active on DeviantART again. I think I found out my problem for inspiration was, that I never really tried to work on the other characters of my story but Jaeger, Asar, Death Bringer and Life Bringer...Thus, I found it boring, and did lose motivation. However, I managed to find ideas, and even a reason to the main antagonist's actions !  
You have no idea how happy I was to finally find some time to work on the story  again !
......So, I almost was going to give up on the story with Jaeger and Asar, until I realised it was by far my most original one.

You guys probably would have killed me if I told you I was going to trash it. xD
Anyways I wanted to say I'm probably not going to work on my previous stories, and focus more on the one with Jaeger and Asar, as it is my main project for University, and my own future if I succeed there. Perhaps I'll make it a movie, maybe a game, who knows ? But I sure want to do something with it later on ! Possibly, if it becomes a movie, it'll take years to make but still worth a try !
Oh and by the way...

Just so you know, I'm probably not going to work on my Kung Fu Panda Fan Characters for a long time. The Fandom, I find, went downhill, and it tends to bring back some bad memories. I don't feel comfortable there any longer.  There are lots of things in the KFP Fandom that I find have gone too far, or don't make sense anymore.  And honestly, it began to be redundant...And I even realized there are things regarding my own Fan Characters' relationships/stories that are unlikely, or...really senseless. A big disappointment, but as I said, it's the Fandom itself that makes me bored/disgusted.  The standards changed, I don't feel like I belong there any longer.

With that said, I hope you guys don't mind. I find my Originals to be much more interesting, I  think this is understandable, and the fact that they give me more freedom for Imagination, as well. As for those who said I was a "Copy-cat", I won't bother arguing with them, for I know all I am doing comes from my very own heart and mind, and that's all that is to be known.
Now, I think I will work more on other characters from the Story than Jaeger and Asar...Afterall, it has to be varied and "alive", so I''ll focus more on secondary/minor characters and/or Antagonists. Actually I'll probably work more on the Spirits, like Faust, and the others you don't yet know about. That doesn't mean I'll be drawing everyday, I'm still rather tired and yet busy, so I'll do what I can. That goes for the commissions as well, of course. You poor people have been waiting for so long...I can't thank you enough !

Thanks everyone, for your support, and patience ! :heart:
And thanks for reading as well ~

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Wow Asar and Jaeger a movie?? Sound's so cool!!!! *-* * wtf heart attack again x_x* Your new ideas sound's realy good, but it's little sad about your Kfp characters =( But do whetever makes you feel beter :) And..they are people who think that you are a "copy-cat"? Your caracters and your art is very original u_u Anyway happy to hear that your inspiration is coming back :la:
Uh, not sure what I'm gonna do, depends if I succeed in University or not xDD
And yeah, I'm not yet done dealing with those people who accuse me, but no matter how long it'll take, I'll still try.

Yes thank you !
I'm glad I can somehow draw again too :la:
Moonstripe-The-Wolf Sep 11, 2012  Student Filmographer
I'm glad we get to see more Jaegar and Asar :) They are some beautiful characters.

I'll miss your KFP characters, but it's your choice :3
I guess the KFP wave passed, for me..I'm not much into it anymore, because of all the dirty stuff going on ><

Thanks a lot though :la:
InnerRequiem Sep 11, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Ooh, je pourrais plus voir Yuan souvent maintenant OTL
Mais bon, vive Jaeger et Asar! :la:
Le fandom c'est devenu n'importe quoi :/
Y a du sexe partout et du Yaoi partout, des couples insensÚs, Shen et Grue, Shen et Chef Loup...Sans parler d'autres trucs.

Donc oui, vive mes persos originaux ! Au moins, j'aurai bien plus de libertÚ avec eux u_u
InnerRequiem Sep 12, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Effectivement, c'est ... assez .... horrible comme paires... Hii, je veux pas y penser...

Ouais, c'est sur que les persos originaux, c'est mieux! Maitre de propre monde! 8D
MadMeeper Sep 11, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Aw, I'm gonna miss those KFP drawings! It was fun to see something different in my inbox once in a while lol. BUT! I love how you've found inspiration for your own story! :'D that's great, keep it up. Can't wait to see more! :>
Well, if the fandom was still an okay place, perhaps I'd still be drawing KFP stuff, but you know...
However I'm really happy you drew mah characters like you did, they looked wonderful :heart:
And thanks ! Hope to be able to keep working on it :faint:
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